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Post by xoxKitKat on Thu Dec 04, 2008 6:29 pm

Hey ya'll! You all must have read the before storyline. This RPG takes place 70 years after the manga. There is a history behind it, the story of Konoha's Rise and Downfall which will be posted in a later post of history but right now, I'll just give you the deals on the storyline so far. If you all have ideas and suggestions, PM me them! ;D


Through the next years, nothing had happened. Most of the village was in bad shape and everyone began the reforming of it. Naruto Uzumaki was then remembered as the hero of Konohagakure, The greatest Hokage that ever lived. Konohamaru grew old and decided that it was time to name a new hokage, that Hokage was the legendary Kunoichi, Lady Natsuki Haruko. She was Tsunade's decendent. She would be known as Konohas chance, The new dawn. However, Natsuki died from an illness before she could turn Konoha around. She had named a Sannin, Okashii Namikaze, a descendent of Minato and Naruto. She trusted in him the village, but the man could not take on the job as Hokage; his freedom much too important to him. Instead, he went on a search to find the new hokage who as of yet is still unannounced. The village is led by the council who are determined to keep the village rebuilding.

Secretly, the council worries about the rumour of a new group taking foot. Their name is the “Neo Akatsuki” and this time, it seems much different. They have a new battle plan, their goals the same as the one before them, but the shinobi come in a wider range. Each a master of something, their skills hard to come by. They seem to be staying in hiding, their hideout unknown, but nin are constantly on the lookout for any mysterious people. The council thinks that in their weak state, Konoha will be attacked once again and the Kyubi they are hiding within their walls will be stolen from underneath them. Spies from Akatsuki have already been found but interrogating does not go well since they kill themselves before any information can be extracted.

As the search for the new Hokage continues and the evil around them arises, the elite shinobi of the villages have only one decision that they can only make on their own. Since the countries are not on good terms, a group of shinobi from all around is forming, knowing about the uprising of the Akatsuki. They are determined to keep the struggled peace, knowing the only way to defeat them this time is to unite. But it’s much harder than they make it seem. Constant battling between the Countries’ Kages and the lack of in konoha starts talk of overtaking. Can they make it through, unscathed and show the world that their differences put together make them strong?

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