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Post by Sosuke Amenori on Sat Jul 25, 2009 6:31 pm

General Information:
Name: Iikagen, Kenshin

Nickname/Alias: Not Applicable

Weight: 135 lbs

Height: 5"11

Age: Twenty

Gender: Male

Looks:Not for here. Rhomc1

If you were to ask the most elite of Shinobi what one of the most important qualities of a ninja were, they would undoubtedly say: Strict Discipline. However, there are always exceptions and oddities among rules and Kenshin Iikagen would be a prime example for this one seeing as how he may be a bit more relaxed than his job as a Shinobi calls for. Indeed, Kenshin doesn't like to stress about things and thus it's extremely rare to see him angry or upset. This so happens to be a great asset in combat, as the young Shinobi won't easily become irritated by his opponent's smack talk (assuming they do so), thus making him less prone to irrational decision making. Many mistake Kenshin's laid back personality as laziness and poor work ethic, but, the truth is, Kenshin is very hard working. He's just more casual and relaxed about how he goes about it. In fact, Kenshin's attitude has many different perks. For one, it grants him a peaceful mind so he can think clearly when need be. Another perk is that Kenshin is basically worry free, which also gives him a clear mind to think with. The last of the perks is that his laid back persona also grants him patience.

As you may know, patience is a virtue, even more so in a Shinobi's life. What does Kenshin need patience for? Genin, annoying superiors, missions, and, most importantly, a girlfriend. Hitomi Uchiha is the man's ANBU girlfriend and a body guard for the Hokage. She is an excellent Shinobi and they both get along well, even though their personalities differ almost completely. The white haired Shinobi often tells her that she is too serious and that loosening up a bit would do her some good. He usually tries to follow this up with giving her a shoulder rub, but usually ends up with a lump on his head. Though it doesn't hurt, Kenshin will feign injury and put on a hurt expression even in public. He knows the the woman has issues with showing public affection and he absolutely loves to poke fun at it. How? When the two are in place that's filled with people, say the shopping district, he'll pull Hitomi into a wet french kiss. This usually will earn him a couple of bruises, but he gets a laugh out of it, so it's well worth it. Despite their rather unusal relationship, Kenshin cares for Hitomi deeply and will come to her aid in any situation that he is needed.

In spite of his relaxed, and somewhat playful, nature, he does, of course, have a serious side. He also has a side that is down right brutal. Some may even say sadistic.

Clan Information:

Clan Name: Not Applicable

Kekkei Genkai: Not Applicable

Clan Symbol: Not Applicable

Clan History: Not Applicable

Rank Information:
Rank: Jounin (Hokage's Assistant)

Village: Konohagakure no Sato

Skill Information:
Skill Specialty: Main: Fuuinjutsu Sub: Taijutsu

Elemental Affinity: Not Applicable

Special Characteristics: Because of his Taijutsu training, Kenshin is extremely fast, agile, and his stamina is second to none.

Background Information/RP Sample:


RP Sample:

Name: Kamite (God's Hand)
Rank: A
Element: None
Description: Kamite is a Fuuinjutsu technique developed by Kenshin Iikagen. This Jutsu enables the user to prevent the opposition from using Jutsu altogether by sealing half of what it takes to make Chakra. Chakra comes from two places. One is the body energy inherent in your trillions of cells and two the mental & spiritual energy gained from exercise and experience. By sealing the bodily energy, the foe will be unable to make or use Chakra and thus won't be able to perform Jutsu. This seal can only be broken by the one who bestowed it.
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