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Post by Bobo on Thu Jul 09, 2009 7:49 pm

Basic Character Information:
Name:Bobo Uchiha
Clan:Uchiha Clan

Looks:Black hair going down, with a fade glint in his eyes. Normally wears a black tee-shirt with some blue shorts. He wears his headband [LEAF HEADBADGE] on his right arm, which is tied in. He wears a Shinobi glove on his left hand. He has small shinpads on both arms that protect him from some attacks near the arm. He has a large scar lashing through his right eye. This eye seems to be sharper then the other eye, strangely. When Sharingan is active, his right eye seems to be not as sharp as normally. Which is a drawback.

Personality:Mostly laid-back. He is pretty lazy sometimes. He is pretty smart, even though he doesn't like anything physical. He normally fights with Kunai and maybe some of his Jutsu but mostly he doesn't want to fight at all. He is willing to fight if it was for his friends, family or if it was for the good of his village.

Basic Clan Information
Kekkei Gekkei:Sharingan
Description:Depending on which level of Sharingan it is. If it is the first one, it will tell the user the enemies move but if it is Mangekyo Sharingan then he will have access to special moves that only the Uchiha know of.
Special Effect:The Sharingan allows him to see through a enemy move and can predict what move the enemy will do next and can avoid it. But the move is useless if the user is too slow to inept the enemies attack.

Skill and Rank Information

Special Characteristics:Lazy, cheerful but very laid back. Will do anything that is good for his team or friends.
Special Effects:Learns very quickly and has adapted to the Sharingan [1 Tomoe]. He is eager to learn more jutsu and hopes to become one of the strongest shinobi.
Elements:Thunder, Fire
Skills Specialties:He can master a bit of Chidori. Even though he can hardly put chakra in his hand, when he is emotional he can do it a bit.

Name:Chidori [A bit]
Description:The user uses the hand seals Monkey, Dragon, Rat, Bird, Ox, Snake, Dog, Tiger, Monkey, or Ox, Rabbit, Monkey. Then collects chakra into his palm. The sound will be like many birds chirping. When the Chakra is collected, he can now thrust the enemy with his palm.

Name:Shadow Clone Jutsu.
Description:The user form crosses the tiger style hand seal and creates a bunshin [Clone] the clone can attack the enemy and sometimes is used to trick the enemy. Even though it is classed as a D rank move, many great ninja use it.

Name:Katon:Grand Fire Ball
Description:The user uses tiger hand seal and then blows into his hand which will release a large amount of fire. Thus the name 'Grand Fire Ball.'

History and RP Sample:
When he was born, his parents were sent away on a mission and never came back. He was raised by his uncle. His uncle was a ANBU captain at the time and taught him how to master Katon. He worked hard but could only succeed in Grand Fire Ball, Fire Release. Soon after he learned a basic move, Shadow Clone Jutsu. At the age of 8 he first opened the Sharingan a bit. By the age of 10 he finally had the hold of it. When he was 2 years old, he saw a ninja, with white hair, and had a headband that read 'The Mist Guru.' He didn't have a clue about what a 'Mist Guru.' was but his uncle told him that it was a legendary shinobi that betrayed The Mist Village. When Bobo met him, Bobo was about to fall into a pot of steaming water, before his face went in completely, the Guru saved him but it left a scar on his right eye. The Guru did a couple of hand signs that Bobo couldn't remember because he was so young. But it made his vision even clearer then before. When he was 11 he finally graduated from the Ninja Academy and is now looking for a squad.

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